This blog uses affiliate programs for monetization. If you click on links to various sites that are recommended in its posts and make a purchase on those sites, this can result in a commission that is credited to

For example we generate affiliate links through a network called which compensates us as described above for any purchases.

However our credibility online means everything to us, and we are careful never to falsely recommend a product or service. We only recommend things that we believe in, and do not let affiliate compensation distort our recommendations. We take our responsibility as affiliates seriously.

This blog also carries recommendations from third parties not associated with us, since anyone with a Facebook account is allowed to post on it. These recommendations may also be monetized by affiliate links in the same way as ours, but since we cannot vouch for the recommenders personally, we recommend that you use them with this in mind. Most people are honest in our experience, but not everybody. If somebody comes across as selling too hard, they're probably selling. Trust your gut instincts.

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