Whirlpool LTG5243DQ 24 Inch 1.5 cu. ft. Gas Laundry Center with 5 Automatic Wash Cycles, 5 Automatic

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24 Inch 1.5 cu. ft. Gas Laundry Center with 5 Automatic Wash CyclesThis gas laundry center by Whirlpool offers the convenience of doing your laundry at home. This unit is designed to save space and provide a high performance wash. The spreckle porcelain basket resists scratches, chemicals and odors and helps protect fabric from snags so your family's clothes stay looking their best. The spreckled coloring also makes it easy to spot small items. Dry-Miser control takes the guesswork out of drying. Simply choose from less dry to very dry. The automatic cycle senses exhaust air temperature and shuts the dryer off when the selected dryness is reached. About WhirlpoolAt Whirlpool, advanced performance means getting great results while using less water and energy. Their ENERGY STAR qualified appliances deliver eco-efficient operation that exceeds the toughest government standards. Whirlpool is dedicated to making guesswork a thing of the past. Every detail is attended to. Every machine is designed to help you manage your home precisely the way you want-easier, faster and smarter.

Date posted: Jan 29th, 2017

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