A leading brand in the LED grow light market

Merchant Website: viparspectra.com

The ViparSpectra brand was founded in 2011 to provide innovative indoor gardening products at affordable prices.

Ever since they have been dedicated to manufacturing products of which customers can be proud. ViparSpectra started with LED grow lights and continues to expand into other horticulture essentials. Every product is made with customers in mind. They strive to provide the best quality products that fill the needs of the end-user. They achieve this by keeping product development at their core and listening to what our customers want and need.

ViparSpectra has a cutting-edge research and development team consisting of professors and experts alike. They are all about making products that not only last but perform like no other. They have operations in places such as the US, Europe, Australia, and more, which drastically reduces wait times should any issues arise. After years of growing as a brand, ViparSpectra has gradually developed into a leading brand in the LED grow light industry, serving over 20 million customers worldwide.

Date posted: Feb 5th, 2020

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