It's Not a Bra. It's Better.

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Boob Tape makes sticky bras for all women, no matter what breast size, skin type, or body shape they have.

Boob Tape's bras are one-time use waterproof/sweat proof sticky bras designed to give 8 hour+ lift & support. Their bras were designed for large breasts but work on all sizes. Boob Tape never wants a bra to stand in the way of women wearing what they want!

Boob Tape has the right style for you:

Shorty Cut: Perfect for voluminous, perky breasts or implants. Great to wear with a bathing suits or lower neck line clothing. Best choice for small light breasts.

Classic Cut: The go to for large, heavy breasts needing extra support and lift. A great match for clothing styles that have higher necklines or women wanting more coverage.

Straight Tape: Great for customizing your own lift! Fits any breast size or clothing style. Saggy/low volume breasts have best results with this product.

Date posted: Nov 25th, 2019

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