Really Comfortable Maternity And Nursing Wear For All New Moms

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Nursing And Maternity Wear To Transition From The Bump To The Breast And Beyond: Navigating motherhood can be tough. Finding comfortable clothes shouldn’t be.

At Kindred Bravely, they have two missions: creating beautiful, comfortable, and useful clothing for moms, and building a community of moms who support, encourage, and celebrate each other.

Their collection is designed for moms by moms. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort or style for ease of use. Each Kindred Bravely piece is thoughtfully designed so moms can look and feel amazing. Their clothes feature tiny – but important – details to make motherhood easier.

Their remote team of work-at-home moms hails from all over the world. As moms, they’re fully experienced in juggling a million different things, running on just a few hours of sleep, and having no time to shop. They provide the best advice, encouragement, and customer care – mom to mom – because they’re right there with you.

Date posted: Oct 13th, 2020

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