Enjoy Delicious Food Cooked Over An Open Flame

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Years ago, KUDU founder and Georgia-native, Stebin Horne, fell in love with a woman from South Africa. After traveling to the country to meet her family, he quickly found himself falling in love with his future wife, as well as South Africa’s age-old traditions.

Inspired by South Africa’s communal, homemade braais, where family and friends would gather around an open flame to cook, eat, and socialize, he dreamed of sharing a slice of South African culture with his loved ones in America.

With a strong desire and a clear vision, Stebin spent the following years dedicated to developing, engineering, testing and forming partnerships in an effort to turn his vision into a reality.

In 2016, The KUDU Open Fire Grill was born to create a communal experience for cooking, serving and enjoying delicious food over an open flame.

Today, The KUDU Open Fire Grill is the result of years of ambitious dreams, and the hard work necessary to turn those dreams into a reality. The multifunctional KUDU is a backyard centerpiece, providing an unmatched experience for users and their loved ones, around the world.

Date posted: Jan 6th, 2021

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