100% Natural Spring-Water In A Plant-Based Box

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JUST is two simple things: 100% responsibly-sourced spring water and plant-based packaging. 88% of their carton originates as plants: the trees used for the paper and sugarcane used to make the cap, shoulder, and layers of the carton. The result: a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles. Start with plants, finish with a smaller footprint.

Water sustains all of us, but it’s not unlimited. JUST Water is sustainably sourced, natural still spring water that you can feel good about drinking. Every choice they make is considered, from where their natural spring water comes from, to the USDA organic essences derived from organic fruits and herbs that they use to infuse the water with flavor, to the materials that are used to make the ocean conscience carton. Their natural still spring water comes from Glens Falls, NY. They collect 3 billion gallons of natural spring water a year that gets replenished by snow and rain in the Adirondack Mountains. They bottle a fraction of their excess natural spring water, and pay fairly for it, so they’re providing a new source of income for the community. Because the water comes from a mountain spring, it’s naturally alkaline, with a high pH of 8.0. They boil USDA organic fruits/herbs, collect the fruit/herb-infused vapor, and then incorporate it back into the water. It has zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives, zero sweeteners, and zero calories! They package the naturally alkaline spring water in an environmentally considerate carton that’s made with renewable materials like paper and sugarcane. The plant-based carton is 100% recyclable, and is designed to protect the natural spring water inside from ambient flavors, so it always has a pure, crisp taste.

Date posted: Mar 31st, 2021

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