Solitary bee houses, hotels, and bee-raising supplies

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Crown Bees has established itself as the largest independent solitary bee business, offering an innovative selection of solitary bee-raising supplies as well as expert advice and in-depth information about bee raising products and best practices.

Solitary bee houses and hotels have become an increasingly popular way for people to help provide the necessary habitat bees need to survive. Solitary bees are the perfect pollinators for backyard gardens, farms, and orchards because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are efficient cross-pollinators that can double or even triple farm and garden yields!

Crown Bees is committed to protecting our environment through the materials we use, the way we design our products, and the organizations we partner with!

Crown Bees is OBA Certified! OBA Certified Sustainable Bees are raised using sustainable propagation and management practices such as: control of pests and chalkbrood, regional shipping restrictions, independently managing and keeping records of populations from different regions, and sustainable trap-nesting.

Date posted: Feb 2nd, 2022

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