A clean nose for a healthier life

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Airborne germs invade through your nose. It’s the body’s air filter for trapping allergens and viruses. Naväge® is a super-effective, all-natural way to clean your nose. It’s the world’s only nose cleaner with powered suction to flush out mucus and germs so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and feel healthier!

The inventor of Navage realized that for nose-rinsing to be more effective, convenient, and easy to use, the rinse would have to be pulled through the nose, not pushed, and that this could be achieved by applying powered suction at the nostril through which the saline exits. In short, pull don't push; apply suction not pressure; use a vacuum not a broom!

Naväge Nasal Care was born out of that simple idea. Of course it turned out to be anything but simple to actually create. Thus began several years of hard work, endless prototypes, and tests, tests, and more tests that were required to transform the intangible to the tangible. Its fulfillment is the extraordinary work of a talented team of doctors, designers, and engineers who persevered to the finish line. And now it's available for everyone, so that you too can breathe better now, and breathe better forever! You'll love that clean nose feeling!

Date posted: Feb 9th, 2022

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