The subscription box that teaches kids how to code, experiment and problem-solve

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Bitsbox is a subscription box that teaches kids age 6-12 to code. Bitsbox kids receive about a dozen app projects in the mail every month. The coding projects pair with an online coding environment and result in real apps that work on real devices.

Bitsbox stands out from other kids coding tools in that it directly advocates for typing and customizing real code. All other kid coding environments abstract coding languages with a block-based, visual approach.

Bitsbox serves kids at home, in the classroom, and through extracurricular programs. Over 700,000 kids in 70+ countries have built apps with Bitsbox—amounting to a total of 16 million minutes of active coding. They’re especially proud that their girl to boy coder ratio stays steady at a 50/50 gender split.

Subscribe to Bitsbox and inspire the next generation to be creators, not consumers, of technology!

Date posted: May 3rd, 2022

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