[UK] Great Deals On Fast Fibre Broadband With EE

Merchant Website: ee.co.uk

All Broadband plans from EE come with unlimited data which means you never need to worry about running over your data – because there isn’t one!

They offer the fastest speeds your line can handle and never slow you down, unlike some providers may do at peak hours. The actual speeds you receive will depend on various factors like how far you are from the exchange, and the quality of the internal wiring and where you place your router.

They offer a range of standard broadband plans to suit your needs. All these come with a minimum term of 18 months and you can also add on call packages or Apple TV 4K to your plan. Their standard plans give average speeds of 10Mb, 36Mb on Fibre and 67Mb on Fibre Plus Broadband and up to 300Mb on our Fibre Max plans.

If you have an EE mobile then the deal is even sweeter – once you’ve got EE broadband they’ll boost your mobile allowance by 5GB as long as you stay with them, which is worth £10 a month!

Their Fibre service is faster and means more people in the house can be online at the same time and heavy internet activity like downloading movies, streaming catch up TV, and sending large email attachments will be a breeze.

Date posted: May 31st, 2022

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