High-quality, feature-rich electric bikes

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Rad Power Bikes is America's #1 electric bike brand. They design and build electric bikes that are built for everything, and priced for everyone. They make high-quality, affordable, feature-rich electric bikes and their direct-to-consumer (DTC) model helps keep prices low. Ride Rad.

Starting out in a small garage in rural Humboldt County, California in 2007, Rad Power Bikes (now based in Seattle, WA) is the brainchild of two childhood friends. What was first just a passion project building electric bikes as a means for getting to and from high school, Rad Power Bikes is now the largest ebike company in North America with tens of thousands of ebike owners spanning 30 countries and over 100 employees.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, offer several benefits compared to regular bikes, including:

Easier to ride: With an electric motor, e-bikes require less effort to pedal and can provide assistance when going up hills or riding against headwinds, making them easier to ride than regular bikes.

Faster: E-bikes can help you ride faster than regular bikes, especially on flat terrain or uphill.

More convenient: E-bikes can help you cover longer distances and reach destinations faster than regular bikes, which can be especially useful for commuting or running errands.

Health benefits: E-bikes still require some pedaling effort, which can provide some level of exercise and promote cardiovascular health.

Eco-friendly: E-bikes are more eco-friendly than cars, as they produce zero emissions and consume less energy than cars.

Cost-effective: E-bikes can be more cost-effective than cars or even regular bikes, as they require less maintenance and are cheaper to operate.

Accessibility: E-bikes can be a more accessible option for people who may not be physically able to ride a regular bike due to age, physical disabilities, or other health issues.

Overall, e-bikes offer a range of benefits that can make cycling more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for a wide range of people.

Date posted: Aug 28th, 2022

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