Clean and simple emergency food that lasts up to 25 years

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Valley Food Storage offers the highest quality food storage product on the market, bar none. They only use the best natural ingredients in their food. Unlike some of their competitors, they don't pack in preservatives or hydrogenated oils. You can actually pronounce everything that goes into their product. They have taken the time to do their research and with the help of food scientists they have eliminated those ingredients that cause most of our competitors food to go bad after just a few years.

What you are left with is the most shelf stable best tasting, and most nutritious food you can buy that will be there for your family no matter what this world throws at you.

After employing their revolutionary nitrogen flush process to ensure the food will be safe for years to come, they pack it in durable, re-sealable Mylar bags (not tin cans) to keep it that way.

Date posted: Oct 22nd, 2022

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