All-Natural Nutrition That Supports Pet Health

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In 2000, out of a need for a product that really works to support dog health, Dinovite Canine was developed, right on the Lukacevic's farm in Dry Ridge, Ky. Dinovite for Dogs is an all-natural product that supports canine health by boosting the immune system, strengthening the digestive tract and improving the overall health of the dog.

Dinovite operated for 6 years off of the farm in Dry Ridge. In 2006, the first employees were hired and a small call center was established in downtown Dry Ridge. In 2007, Dinovite moved into a 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility in an industrial park in Crittenden, Ky and are now proud to carry a wide assortment of amazing products for your furry friends!

Date posted: Oct 27th, 2022

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