Go Waterproof, Go Anywhere Shoes

Merchant Website: lemsshoes.com

Instead of trying to create the next footwear fad, Lems Shoes dedicates themselves to designing with the foot in mind, above all else. Everything they do is done with intention and endless exploration to keep your feet happy & healthy, every step of the way.

From Lems Shoes:

"To us, it’s simple – shoes should be designed using the bare minimum. They should fit the foot’s anatomy, while allowing your feet to move like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Since the beginning, we have had a clear vision: to design and develop footwear that keeps the foot in mind above all else. Inspired by the outdoors and the Colorado lifestyle, we continue to emerge and grow our brand in new spaces to express a sense of adventure and minimalism, while keeping in mind that less is truly more.

Lems are designed to mirror the natural shape of the human foot. Unlike traditional footwear products that squeeze the toes together, our toe area allows for maximum room, giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread. All of Lems also provide minimal heel drop with many zero drop options available to facilitate healthy posture and comfort all day long."

Date posted: Oct 31st, 2022

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