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n January 2000, Aivituvin designed and produced their first chicken coop. This became a revolutionary step for the company and one that was met with great success. The chicken coop was just the beginning of their now popular pet homes. With over 20 years of experience designing, creating, and producing pet homes, Aivituvin became one of the leading brands in the wooden pet houses industry. They now produce wooden rabbit hutch, chicken coops, cat houses, small animal houses, and garden furniture.

Aivituvin is a business with a pet family at the core. For them, pet family members come in every shape and size, from the fluffiest to the cutest! The Aivituvin one began with a new fluffy member Pearl. An adored little bunny, showered with love and attention, but something was missing. A home. Vida, Pearl’s young owner, desired a small house for Pearl as safe, warm,and comfortable as her own. Like most dads, the owner and founder of Aivituvin found a solution to his daughter’s dilemma. He happened to be an expert joiner with over 21 years’ experience in woodwork, so he used his ingenuity to create a cozy, safe oasis for Pearl. By observing how their pet thrived in this new environment, they were inspired to create and produce high-quality homes for your cherished pets, and Aivituvin was born.

Date posted: Nov 4th, 2022

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