Real Food For Real Good Dogs And Cats - Daily Meals For Dogs and Puppies

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JustFoodForDogs launched the fresh, whole food movement for pets when they opened the first open to the public kitchen cooking food for dogs in 2010. For the first time, consumers could see for themselves the most nutritious food they could serve their family pets being made right in front of them.

JustFoodForDogs offers the only food on the market proven healthy by two independent universities, who conducted year-long trials proving their recipes boost the immune system of dogs in a healthy way. A team of in-house veterinarians formulates the meals utilizing only fresh, whole food ingredients USDA certified for human consumption, in recipes nutritionally balanced for dogs as well as cats.

* Human-edible Ingredients

* No Preservatives

* Proven Healthy

* Thaw & Serve

Let JustFoodForDogs help you determine exactly how much you need to feed your pet. Enter your pet’s information into their feeding calculator to get their veterinarian-recommendations for calories and recipes.

Date posted: Nov 16th, 2022

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