Comfortable footwear that fits for over 30 years

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At Propét Footwear, they believe that comfort starts with fit.

Propét are a best-selling, U.S.A. footwear brand that specializes in designing stylish shoes that are undeniably made for comfort first. They make shoes for a wide range of foot shapes, and have shoe collections that are specifically designed for individuals who struggle with various foot ailments (diabetes, overpronation, bunions and more).

Propét Footwear has a long proud history with over 30 years of making shoes that don't pinch, don't slip and feel comfortable right out of the box.

Propét believes everyone has the right to walk the dog, jog, run errands, hike, work, take a line-dancing class, mow the lawn, travel, or even play a game of hopscotch, really whatever you want, without foot pain.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Comfortable footwear that fits.

Date posted: Jan 9th, 2023

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