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Yogasleep started with a traveling salesman named Jim Buckwalter and his insomniac wife, Trudy. Trudy often traveled with Jim, and soon realized that she slept better in motel rooms than she did while at home. After some head-scratching, the couple identified the soothing lull of the air conditioner unit as the cure to Trudy’s relentless tossing and turning.

So he got to work in his garage attempting to replicate the constant whirring noise of an air conditioner, with none of the “air” but all of the “sound.” He thus dubbed his invention a “sound conditioner.”

It was quite a simple device: a turntable motor and a small fan blade encased in a dog bowl, mounted atop a disc of foam-covered wood. Jim's machine created a deeply soothing sound from rushing air. This constant sound masked noises. It also helped people sleep like never before.

Word got out, and soon Jim's friends and family were asking for his sleep machines. A little company was started. And it soon turned into a bigger company.

That’s how the original Yogasleep SleepMate was born, and eventually became the current Dohm.

While the Dohm is somewhat more sophisticated than its dog-dish ancestor, its guts are fundamentally the same. And while Yogasleep has grown in size over the decades, that same find-an-answer, inventor-ish, gee-whiz attitude is still around, as is the love that started it all.

Date posted: Jan 10th, 2023

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