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Sidecar Health is on a mission to make health insurance affordable and great healthcare accessible
for everyone in the U.S. They’re working toward this mission by offering a completely new type of
insurance. It’s called “Cash Price” insurance. Unlike traditional insurance plans, Sidecar Health
leverages the power of “cash” pricing at point-of-service in order to lower medical costs. Sidecar
Health also enables its members to shop for the best prices for services and prescriptions in their
area within the Sidecar Health app. Sidecar Health believes that by offering people transparency into
coverage and costs, flexibility to choose their own providers (no networks), and access to “cash
price” rates, together we can lower U.S. healthcare costs by $1 trillion annually.

Sidecar Health members pay their doctors instantly at the time of their visit using the Sidecar Health
payment card and take advantage of discounts doctors offer when patients pay upfront. In fact, the
“self-pay” or “cash” rate is often the lowest price available.

Sidecar Health also incentivizes its members to “shop” for best value for medical services and
prescriptions. The Sidecar Health app shows members exactly what their plan will pay for each
procedure or prescription and enables them to shop for care before they schedule an office visit or
head to the pharmacy. Members can compare prices and know their benefits for the 170,000+
medical services and prescriptions covered by Sidecar Health.

Because Sidecar Health enables its members to pay for services upfront, members may see any
provider they prefer. There are no networks with Sidecar Health.

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Date posted: Jan 31st, 2023

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