Handmade Biker Jewelry

Merchant Website: gthic.com

Gthic is a brand that delivers high-quality accessories to bikers and everyone else in love with spellbinding jewelry.

Our story stems from a group of bikers and rock lovers with a passion for fashion and jewelry. They all highly appreciated biker jewelry precisely, and desired a chance to share this personalized expression with other men.

Why not create an online store that will make biker jewelry readily available to all rock lovers?

And that was how the idea was born, the three of them hit it off and established our brand.

We work directly with manufacturers, bypassing middlemen and hence offering merchandise at relatively low prices. Every product is handmade by expert craftsmen, ensuring the best possible quality as well as the most exquisite designs. We incorporate and reinvent the iconic biker symbolism, creating a highlight of the exciting collection.

We provide matching jewelry to aptly augment your biker look, readily available at your fingertips.

Date posted: Feb 4th, 2023

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