Reusable Whiteboard Tools For Your Life

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M.C. Squares manufactures office and home office products that help you find clarity, get organized, become motivated, and provide inspiration. Their products also help you reduce paper waste. In fact, their customers have kept over 2,000,000,000 (that's with a 'B') paper sticky notes from hitting landfills!

M.C. Squares is a USA manufacturer that produces beautiful products for home, office, and anywhere in-between. They've been featured on Shark Tank four times and their founder, Anthony Franco, is dedicated to building real human connections in an ever-increasing digital world. The company sustainably operates with core values:

-We believe CREATIVITY is an essential human trait

-We value the richness of EXPERIENCE

-We understand that innovation is an INCLUSIVE process

-We operate with RESPONSIBILITY

-We love PEOPLE

Date posted: Feb 23rd, 2023

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