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Target Test Prep (TTP) is an innovative test prep company that has been helping students earn top scores on the GMAT and GRE for more than a decade. They’re revolutionizing the way students study for standardized exams:

Master the GMAT®: Master every concept, strategy, tool, and technique to earn a top GMAT® score.

Learn from experts: More than 1200 instructor-led, wisdom-packed teaching videos.

4000+ Practice Questions: Practice with thousands of realistic GMAT® practice questions.

Personalized for you: Follow a personalized plan of study that leads you through every step of the study process.

Smart analytics: Hone in on weak areas with smart analytics and error trackers, and turn weaknesses into strengths.

Guaranteed Success: Study with confidence with their 110-Point Score Improvement guarantee.

Date posted: Mar 3rd, 2023

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