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SBLA means ‘scientific beauty,’ while the idea, beginning with the acclaimed and sought after neck sculpting wand, was conceived in LA, the mission is to empower women everywhere to age beautifully on their own terms with non-invasive alternatives that deliver scientifically researched anti-aging products in their proprietary devices or as they say ‘wands’ with anti-microbial application and airtight, active, good for you ingredients that deliver. That is the SBLA brand promise.

SBLA Beauty provides hundreds of thousands of customers the most targeted anti-aging ‘wanderful’ results!

"At SBLA, our mission is to deliver products that are based on science and technology and truly make a difference in everyday lives in women and men from the comfort of their own homes. The SBLA Beauty brand maintains a unique position with consumers that want to feel their best without invasive procedures, pain, or downtime. We understand and maintain perspective and respect for aging beautifully and are dedicated to providing real solutions backed by science."

- Randi Shinder

Randi Shinder, Founder and CEO

Randi entered the beauty industry In 2002, launching her first brand "Clean", which garnered significant media and industry and celebrity attention. Shinder then partnered with Jessica Simpson to create "Dessert Beauty" with multi-sensory beauty products in both the prestige and mass markets.

Shinder became interested in clinical skincare and introduced the first-ever lip plumper "LipFusion", which sold 3.2 million units at Sephora its first nine months of business. Based on the success of Lip Fusion, Fusion Beauty was created to offer scientific-based brand extensions. Fusion Beauty was the first brand to exceed 50 million in sales at Sephora in the USA.

Randi sold a majority of the brands' equity in 2006, and the brands were combined to create Fusion Brands Inc., which Randi led as CEO and President until her departure in 2009 when she sold her remaining equity.

Randi Shinder is the recipient of various industry awards and recognition, including CEW, WWD Beauty Biz, Fashion Institute Rising Star, Cosmopolitan Fearless Female, and the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year, among others.

Randi has created new categories within the beauty industry and is known for her passion and desire to find and fill the voids with science-based products and innovation. Randi Shinder has remained a leading contributor and disruptor throughout her career in the beauty industry.

Date posted: Mar 7th, 2023

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