Turn Stairs Into An Indoors Slide With StairSlide

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If you want to bring smiles and reduce screen time then you've come to the right place! Keep your kids happy and active while indoors. Make their day by turning their stairs into a slide with StairSlide.

StairSlide nests (overlaps) on top of other StairSlides so they can extend to cover more stairs. In other words, you can use a single StairSlide on the bottom three stairs or use four StairSlides to cover approximately nine stairs. It all depends on your appetite for thrill. StairSlide's patent-pending, self-anchoring design uses unique features to help prevent it from moving during use without the need to permanently install StairSlide on your stairs.

Naturally, there’s inherent risk when you use any slide, but it’s worth the risk. StairSlide is certainly safer than other ways we’ve slid down the stairs (e.g. laundry basket, mattress, cardboard box, the family cat, etc.). Remember, the longer the slide the faster you'll go. And bend at the knees when you land on your feet! Landing on your bum is not recommended.

There are a couple of factors that determine your StairSlide’s speed:

+ What’s your stairset’s incline? If your stairs are somewhat on the steep side, this will translate to your StairSlide.
+ How many sections make up your StairSlide?The longer your slide is, the faster it’ll be; for example, a two-section StairSlide will be slower than a 4-section StairSlide.
+ Speed is determined by setup: The StairSlide can be set up in two different ways: High Adventure & Low Impact. High Adventure is the standard setup, but Low Impact allows the slide to end on a slower gradual slope.

Date posted: Mar 7th, 2023

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