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Health Insurance the Way It Should Be: A Look at Sidecar Health

The United States has long struggled with providing affordable, accessible healthcare for all its citizens. But what if there was a way to make healthcare more affordable and offer better value to patients? That’s the mission of Sidecar Health, a new type of health insurance that is disrupting the traditional insurance industry.

Traditional insurance plans can be complicated and expensive, often leaving patients with large out-of-pocket costs. With Sidecar Health, patients pay doctors directly at the time of their visit using the Sidecar Health payment card, taking advantage of discounts that doctors offer when patients pay upfront. This “self-pay” or “cash” rate is often the lowest price available, which helps members save money and get better value for their healthcare dollars.

But what really sets Sidecar Health apart is its innovative “Cash Price” insurance model, which leverages the power of cash pricing at point-of-service to lower medical costs. With Sidecar Health, members have transparency into coverage and costs, the flexibility to choose their own providers (there are no networks), and access to cash price rates. Together, these features can help lower U.S. healthcare costs by $1 trillion annually.

In addition, the Sidecar Health app makes it easy for members to shop for the best prices for medical services and prescriptions in their area. The app shows members exactly what their plan will pay for each procedure or prescription and enables them to compare prices and know their benefits for the 170,000+ medical services and prescriptions covered by Sidecar Health. This gives members the power to make informed decisions about their healthcare, and to find the best value for their money.

Perhaps best of all, Sidecar Health enables members to see any provider they prefer. There are no networks with Sidecar Health, which means members have the flexibility to choose the healthcare providers that best meet their needs. This can be especially valuable for patients who have ongoing relationships with a particular doctor or specialist.

Overall, Sidecar Health is an exciting new option for anyone who wants better value and greater transparency in their healthcare. By leveraging innovative technology and a cash pricing model, Sidecar Health is challenging the status quo and offering a new way to think about health insurance. To learn more, visit


Sidecar Health es una compañía de seguros de salud con un modelo innovador de precios en efectivo para reducir los costos médicos y hacer que la atención médica sea más asequible a los ciudadanos estadounidenses. Ellos ofrecen transparente en costo y cobertura, flexibilidad para elegir sus propios proveedores y acceso a precios en efectivo, lo que juntos puede hacer que la atención médica sea un billón más accesible anualmente. Además, los miembros tienen una aplicación que les muestra exactamente lo que su plan cubrirá para cada procedimiento o receta y les permite comparar precios y conocimientos de beneficios para los más de 170,000 servicios médicos y recetas cubiertos. Los miembros pagan a los médicos directamente en el momento de su visita y obtienen descuentos por hacerlo. La compañía no tiene rede y permite a los miembros ver cualquier proveedor que deseen. En resumen, Sidecar Health es una opción innovadora y emocionante para cualquier persona que busque una mejor relación valor-precio y transparencia en su atención médica.

Date posted: Mar 27th, 2023

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