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Hungryroot was founded in 2015 with a mission to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle effortlessly. The company offers a weekly delivery service that provides customers with plant-based and gluten-free convenience foods that can be used to create various mouth-watering dishes in less than 15 minutes. Hungryroot believes that healthy eating is crucial for overall well-being and recognizes the difficulties people face in achieving this due to lack of time, information, and access to quality products. The company firmly believes in the importance of whole foods and minimally processed ingredients in a balanced diet. Hungryroot is committed to assisting its customers in finding their preferred healthy eating style that suits their individual tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.

Take their quiz to tell them about how you eat and your goals - then they’ll recommend the food that works best for you and everyone you’re feeding. Your delivery can have anywhere from 3-8 two- or four-serving recipes, plus as many individual grocery items you’d like—whether they’re snacks, sweets, breakfasts, fruit, or anything you want to add on.

Hungryroot's sourcing and culinary teams are always looking for high-quality options in every aisle to make the whole family happy. That includes the staples (like milk and eggs), tons of easy, packable snacks (like fruit snacks and pretzels), and quick, crowd-pleasing recipes like pesto pasta.

You can skip deliveries any week before they process, and you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Their goal is always to give you the best experience (and groceries) possible.

Date posted: Apr 15th, 2023

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