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Positive Grid is a website that offers some of the best guitar technology solutions in the industry. Their current portfolio includes the BIAS line of guitar processing software and mobile apps, the award-winning Spark amp with smart technology, and more. The website’s title, “The Future Sounds Like This,” suggests that Positive Grid isn’t just living in the present, but is also looking to the future to create groundbreaking products that will take the guitar to the next level.

Positive Grid was founded in 2008 by a team of musicians who had a passion for innovation and a desire to make guitar playing more accessible to everyone. The team believed that there was a need for innovative guitar technology solutions that would not only help guitarists create better music but would also inspire them to play more.

One of Positive Grid’s most popular products is the BIAS line of guitar processing software and mobile apps. BIAS allows guitarists to customize their sound like never before. With BIAS, guitarists can create their own amp models, tweak their tones, and even design their own unique pedalboard arrangements. BIAS puts the power of customization right at the guitarist’s fingertips.

Another popular product from Positive Grid is the Spark amp with smart technology. The Spark amp is the world’s first smart amp, and it offers a wide range of features that make it stand out from traditional amplifiers. The Spark amp has a built-in tuner, a Bluetooth speaker, and even offers guitarists the ability to jam along with intelligent backing tracks. The Spark app also offers a huge range of amp models and effects, making it a versatile tool for musicians of all genres.

Positive Grid has also developed a range of other products that are designed to help guitarists improve their playing and become more creative. These products include pedalboards, pickups, and effects pedals. With so many amazing products to choose from, it’s no wonder that Positive Grid has gained a huge following of loyal customers.

In addition to their innovative products, Positive Grid has also created an online community called the ToneCloud. The ToneCloud is an online platform that allows guitarists to share their custom amp models, tones, and pedalboard setups with other members of the community. This platform has become incredibly popular among guitarists who are looking to learn more about tone customization and share their own creations with other guitarists.

Overall, Positive Grid is a website that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of guitar technology. Their products allow guitarists to create unique and personalized sounds that are tailored to their own playing styles and preferences. With a huge range of products and an online community dedicated to tone customization, Positive Grid is definitely a website to check out for any guitar enthusiast.

En resumen, Positive Grid es una página web que ofrece soluciones de tecnología para guitarra líderes en la industria. Su actual cartera de productos incluye la línea de software y aplicaciones móviles BIAS para procesamiento de guitarra, el galardonado amp Spark con tecnología inteligente y más. Positive Grid fue fundado en 2008 por un equipo de músicos apasionados por la innovación y ha desarrollado una comunidad en línea llamada ToneCloud para que los guitarristas compartan sus modelos de amplificador, tonos y configuraciones de pedalboard personalizadas con otros miembros de la comunidad. En general, Positive Grid es una página web dedicada a empujar los límites de la tecnología de la guitarra.

Date posted: Apr 20th, 2023

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