Send Money Online Internationally To Over 150 Countries

Merchant Website:

WorldRemit is a leading global digital money transfer service that enables customers to send remittances to family and friends from 50+ countries to more than 150 receiving destinations.

How to transfer money internationally?

1. Create an account
This is simple. Just sign up using your email address on the app or website. And keep things secure by choosing a strong password.

2. They’ll verify your details
For even better security, they’ll verify who you are. But this should only take a few minutes.

3. Start your transfer
Select the receive country and method, and enter the amount you want to send. All fees and exchange rates are shown upfront.

4. Enter your receiver’s details
Have your receiver’s details to hand. These may vary depending on how you’re sending them the money.

5. Pay for your transfer
Choose how you’d like to pay for your transfer: bank deposit, credit or debit card.

Date posted: Apr 22nd, 2023

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