A daily system designed for peaceful being and purposeful doing

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Monk Manual: A Daily System for Peaceful Being and Purposeful Doing

The Monk Manual™ is a 90-day planner designed to help people live more intentionally. Inspired by the practices of monks, the planner incorporates the best practices in psychology, productivity, and spiritual growth. The website's goal is to help people cultivate a more peaceful and mindful way of living by offering a daily system upon which users can build an intentional daily life.

Launched in 2018, the Monk Manual planner is the flagship product of the website. Available as a four-quadrant planner in a notebook format, it is designed to help users prioritize their spiritual practice, personal growth, relationships, and work.

The planner is undated, allowing users to start at any time during the year without the added pressure of a specific deadline. The 90-day planner format encourages users to focus on their goals in the short term, making it easier to measure progress and adjust their daily routine as needed.

In addition to the Monk Manual planner, the website also offers several accessories to enhance the user's experience. These include bookmarks, stickers, and customizable covers. Gift packs are also available for purchase in case you wish to share the gift of intentionality with the people in your life.

The Monk Manual's design ensures that users have ample space to record their thoughts, goals, and insights. By having ample space to record daily gratitude, focus, and goals, it helps promote a positive mindset and reduce anxiety.

The Monk Manual provides a space to reflect on your personal and spiritual growth and encourages daily introspection and mindfulness. In addition, users can explore a variety of topics related to psychology, productivity, and spiritual growth through the website's blog and email newsletters. They can also engage with a thriving community of like-minded individuals that helps encourage each other by supporting their unique goals and challenges.

At Monk Manual, they believe that cultivating inner peace and purposeful living begins with intentional daily habits. Their mission is to provide the tools to help people create a daily routine around personal and spiritual growth. And to enable users to be able to live fuller, more meaningful lives.

The website's overall aesthetic and design are uncluttered and minimalist. Its purposeful design is appealing and helps foster a calm and meditative mindset while using it.

In conclusion, the Monk Manual™ is a perfect resource for people who aspire to live more mindfully and intentionally. Its quarterly timeline, daily focus on personal growth, and spiritual practice encourages users to build the habits and routines that lead to a better quality of life. The planner, alongside its accompanying accessories and community, teaches users how to cultivate inner peace and intentional living around their unique goals and schedules.

El Monk Manual es una página web que ofrece un planificador diario de 90 días diseñado para ayudar a vivir de forma más intencionada. La página web, inspirada por las prácticas de los monjes, combina las mejores prácticas en psicología, productividad y crecimiento espiritual y ofrece un sistema diario en el que se puede construir una vida diaria intencional. Desde su lanzamiento en 2018, el Monk Manual se ha convertido en la página web donde se encuentra una variedad de complementos para el planificador y una comunidad que ayuda a los usuarios a alcanzar sus objetivos diarios. La página web ofrece un enfoque minimalista y relajante en su diseño para crear un ambiente meditativo en el espacio donde se planifica el día. El Monk Manual™ es una excelente herramienta para quienes aspiran a vivir de una manera más consciente e intencional.

Date posted: May 9th, 2023

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