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Lambda School: The Online Coding School that Invests in You

If you’re interested in a career in web development or data science, Lambda School might just be the right fit for you. Lambda School is a fully remote, online coding school that is committed to investing in its students’ futures. What sets Lambda School apart from other educational institutions is that they charge no tuition upfront, which makes attending their courses a relatively low-risk endeavor.

How it Works

At Lambda School, you can train remotely to become a web developer or a data scientist and pay no tuition until you’re hired. Lambda School reduces the financial risk for their students by charging no upfront tuition, so if you decide Lambda School isn’t right for you, simply withdraw by the end of the first unit with no tuition obligation or penalties.

This means that students have the opportunity to fully evaluate the Lambda School experience before they commit to it. If the program is not meeting their needs or they’re not enjoying it, they can leave without any financial obligation.

Collaborative Coursework

Though you may be learning remotely, you won't be working alone. The collaborative coursework at Lambda School simulates the type of environment you'll work in as a web developer or data scientist. Attend daily stand-ups with your cohort, complete monthly group projects with a team of students, build and ship real products. Plus, get one-on-one help from instructors and mentors whenever you need it, and when you're ready to begin the job hunt, your career coaches are just a Slack message away.

In addition to offering one-on-one help from instructors and mentors, Lambda School also provides a supportive community of other students who are on the same career path. There are daily stand-ups, group projects, and other collaborative activities that encourage students to work together and learn from one another.

It’s more than just a learning environment; it’s a community that understands the struggles and challenges that come with learning a new skill.

Job Placement Assistance

Lambda School doesn't just get you trained and employable; they help you find a job. Lambda School is invested in their students and their success. They work closely with students to help them understand the job market and how to present themselves as desirable candidates.

Lambda School's career coaches also have strong relationships with employers in the tech industry, and they can connect graduates with job opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them.

In addition to career coaching and job placement assistance, Lambda School offers an income share agreement (ISA) program that’s designed to ensure that students pay a reasonable amount for their education while they’re getting started on their careers.

Under the program, students agree to pay a percentage of their income for a set period of time, but only once they are earning a minimum threshold income. This ensures that students are not burdened with massive student loans that they can’t afford to pay.


Lambda School is an exciting new model for online education. By charging no upfront tuition and offering in-demand coding skills for web development and data science, they’re empowering students to take control of their future. The supportive community, collaborative learning environment, and job placement assistance make Lambda School a great option for anyone who is serious about launching a career in tech.

Summary in Spanish:

Lambda School es una escuela de codificación en línea, completamente remota, que se compromete a invertir en el futuro de sus estudiantes. Lo que hace que Lambda School se diferencie de otras instituciones educativas es que no cobran matrícula por adelantado, lo que significa que asistir a sus cursos es un esfuerzo de bajo riesgo. Además, ofrecen ayuda individual de instructores y mentores, una comunidad de estudiantes solidaria, y asistencia en colocación laboral. En conclusión, Lambda School es una nueva y emocionante opción para aquellos interesados en una carrera en tecnología.

Date posted: Jun 2nd, 2023

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