Purpose-Built Boots For Work And Hunting

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Irish Setter Boots: Purpose-Built Footwear for Work and Hunting

When it comes to quality and durability, Red Wing Shoe Company is a name that has been synonymous with excellence since 1905. The company made its mark by creating purpose-built boots for work that offered exceptional protection and comfort. In 1929, they branched out towards hunters and created a brand of hunting boots known as the “Irish Setter.”

Throughout the years, the Irish Setter brand specifically for hunting has held its place as high-quality footwear, but it did not end there. By the 1970s, the durability and construction of the Irish Setter boots made them a natural choice for workers too. The boots became a staple in the workplaces in the United States. Today, Irish Setter Boots continue to offer a variety of boots that can help bring confidence, safety, and momentum to outdoor activities and jobs.

The Irish Setter brand is known for its quality and durability of the boots. Whether you are staying stationary or on-the-go, long-lasting, reliable boots are essential for comfort and foot protection. That’s why Irish Setter Boots feature a Gore-Tex® material that is both waterproof and breathable. It ensures that your feet stay dry all day while also allowing your feet to breathe and stay comfortable. This keeps your feet comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside, which is especially important for those in an outdoor job.

Irish Setter Boots also boast a variety of technologies designed to maximize the comfort and performance of the wearer. The VaprTrek features RPM™ technology that makes it the lightest hunting boot without sacrificing comfort and durability. Similarly, the Wingshooter is designed to provide maximum comfort while hunting, with a memory-foam footbed and thicker leather than most hunting boots. The additional element of a triple-stitched seam makes it even more durable and long-lasting.

The company proudly delivers boots that are suited to specific needs for every activity. For those looking for protection and durability on job sites, the Crosby Waterproof Nano Toe, with a reliable safety toe, slip resistance, and electrical hazard protection, is an excellent choice. It combines innovativeness and classic design to satisfy the required safety standards.

In conclusion, Irish Setter Boots provide the ultimate protection and comfort for both hunters and workers alike. The variety of boots is extensive and has been purpose-built for the specific needs of each activity. The Gore-Tex® material that is waterproof and breathable allows your feet to stay moisture-free and comfortable, and features like the Nano Toe, slip-resistant, and electrical hazard protection, provide exceptional safety in a variety of work environments. The numerous designs of boots that Irish Setter delivers can help bring confidence, safety, and momentum to every outdoor activity and job.


El calzado Irish Setter es conocido por su calidad y durabilidad tanto para trabajo como para caza. La marca se compone de una variedad de botas hechas específicamente para las necesidades de cada actividad. Todos los diseños incluyen tecnologías que maximizan la comodidad y el rendimiento del usuario, como por ejemplo, materiales impermeables y transpirables. Irish Setter Boots ha sido una marca de confianza desde hace décadas, y continúa liderando en el mercado gracias a la excelente calidad de sus productos.

Date posted: Jun 9th, 2023

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