Join GoToMeeting and host online meetings in seconds

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Join GoToMeeting and host online meetings in seconds

GoToMeeting is a mobile app that has gained a reputation as a trusted leader in online collaboration. With an overall rating that surpasses that of its competitors, GoToMeeting is the go-to provider for any small business or large enterprise that prioritizes virtual meetings.

Designed to cater to mobile workstyles, GoToMeeting offers new and innovative features that are built for intelligent online collaboration. Commuter Mode, for instance, enables users to host or attend meetings on the go with confidence while saving data with a distraction-free experience. With Commuter Mode, users can attend virtual meetings and collaborate with their colleagues with ease, even when they're on the move.

Another remarkable feature of GoToMeeting is Room Launcher, a function that allows users to book a nearby GoToRoom and start meetings directly from their mobile app. This feature is especially useful for those who need quick room reservations for an in-person meeting. Thanks to Room Launcher, you can not only book a meeting space in advance and save time, but you can also conveniently start the meeting by using the app.

Voice Commands is yet another feature that makes GoToMeeting stand out from its competitors. With this feature, users can start or join online meetings or audio conferencing sessions instantly just by asking Siri. This can make the process of joining online meetings much smoother and less stressful.

GoToMeeting also provides Cloud Recording, a feature that eliminates the need to take notes while hosting a meeting on the go. With Cloud Recording, users can save a recording of their meetings directly to the mobile app. This is particularly helpful for those who don't want to miss important details and want a reference for follow-ups.

Overall, GoToMeeting offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for those who prioritize virtual meetings and collaboration. With its multitude of features designed for mobile work, GoToMeeting is a trusted provider that enables users to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

Date posted: Jun 12th, 2023

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