100% compostable phone cases and other earth-friendly accessories

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Pela Cases: 100% Compostable Phone Cases and Accessories that Care About the Planet

Nowadays, there has been a growing awareness about the environment and the need to protect it. Many people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and businesses are also joining the cause. One such business is Pela, with their 100% compostable phone cases and other earth-friendly accessories.

The Pela company was founded with the mission to reduce the amount of plastic on the planet one phone case at a time. Their products are made from a unique biopolymer that is plant-based and free of harmful chemicals. This material is not only biodegradable but also compostable, meaning it can break down completely in the right environment without harming the planet.

The Pela phone cases are incredibly soft to the touch and come in a variety of colors and designs. They are also durable and offer excellent protection for your phone. The company prides itself on transparency and ethics, making sure that all materials used in their products are ethical and environmentally responsible.

But what sets Pela apart from other phone case companies is their commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. For every case sold, Pela donates a percentage to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. This means that with every purchase, customers become part of the solution in reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

Moreover, Pela’s enthusiasm for design does not stop at the phone case. The company offers a range of earth-friendly accessories that are just as innovative and stylish as their phone cases. They have everything from biodegradable sunglasses to compostable AirPods cases that not only protect your devices but also protect the environment.

Another great thing about Pela is its dedication to customer service. The company offers worldwide free shipping and a 100-day return policy, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchase. They also provide monthly giveaways for their devoted customers, which is a great way to establish a happy and loyal relationship between the company and their environmentally-conscious customers.

As a company with a mission to combat plastic waste and support ocean conservation initiatives, Pela has caught the attention of many notable figures and organizations. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio have publicly supported the company, and they have also been featured in major publications around the world, including Forbes, Elle, and CNN.

Pela is not just a phone case company; it's a movement. This innovative company has taken the initiative in protecting our planet and our oceans through their sustainable products and philanthropic efforts. They have given the consumers a choice to use products that don’t just meet their needs but also create a positive impact on the environment. The future of the planet is in our hands, and Pela is one business that is making it easier for consumers to make a difference.

En resumen, Pela es una empresa que se dedica a crear fundas de teléfono 100% compostables y otros accesorios ecológicos con el propósito de reducir la cantidad de plástico en el planeta. Al usar materiales sostenibles y éticos en sus productos, Pela se destaca por su compromiso con el medio ambiente y la conservación de los océanos. Además, su dedicación al servicio al cliente y a la creación de diseños innovadores y estilosos la convierten en una empresa líder en el mercado de los accesorios electrónicos ecológicos. Con Pela, los clientes no solo adquieren productos de calidad, sino que también contribuyen a un futuro más sostenible para el planeta.

Date posted: Jun 14th, 2023

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