Blix Electric Bikes: Style, Performance And Utility Combined

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Blix creates compelling electric bikes that combine sleek design with practical utility and cargo features, with the goal to inspire people to live more enjoyable and sustainable lifestyles. Founded in 2014, Blix is one of the fastest growing, direct to consumer, ebike brands in the U.S, with ebikes specifically designed for everyday transportation and leisure riding. All ebikes are made with a modular design concepts that allows for customization for different needs and lifestyles with a range of accessories. The product lineup includes cargo, all-terrain, folding, city and cruiser ebikes and custom designed accessories.

Blix makes compelling electric bikes with the ultimate goal to inspire and empower people to live a more fun and healthier life. Every Blix ebike is built with a unique combination of clean looks, powerful performance and smart utility features, developed for everyday transportation and leisure riding with comfortable and user-friendly design.

Blix Bikes make short distance travel more enjoyable, fast and easy. For companies, they make commercial deliveries sustainable, while lowering transportation cost and shortening the delivery time. For cities, they bring streets to life, increasing accessibility, improving air quality, and helping communities become truly sustainable - environmentally, economically, and socially.

Date posted: Jul 25th, 2023

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