Intelligent portable laser engravers and cutters

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Shenzhen Hingin Technology Co.,Ltd and the brand Laserpecker was founded with the aim to design and develop innovative technological gadgets. A change in course began after one of the founders received a laser as a gift. He soon became enchanted with its magical power, and his imagination and creativity took flight. As his love for lasers and creating grew, he convinced his co-founders of the market potential for a compact, fast, powerful, and affordable prosumer line of laser engravers. Extensive R&D resulted in the development of an innovative laser engraving technology that, oddly enough, had woodpecker-like characteristics, and it was then that the “LaserPecker” brand was hatched. LP’s award-winning line of Blue Diode and Fiber Lasers and passionate community of dedicated users are all inspired by the love to “Let Your Creativity Fly!”.

LaserPecker values self-expression and spreading love through creativity. They are committed to the ongoing production of powerful and portable DIY technology and tools so that everyone can easily experience and share the joy of creation with the world.

By providing easy-to-use tools, software and materials, LaserPecker users can easily make creations and experience the fun of creating. They also have set up a community where customers can show their creations, and get inspiration from others.

Date posted: Jul 27th, 2023

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