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With a domain name of and a title that reads "Buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics," it is clear that this website is dedicated to providing customers with a platform to trade their used electronics. is described as the leading reCommerce company in the industry, offering a simple and convenient way to buy and sell pre-owned consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets.

The story of Gazelle started with a simple realization - if you can trade in a used car, why not a used phone? This led to the establishment of a new business model that focuses on reusing consumer electronics. In 2007, Gazelle opened its doors and became a pioneer in the concept of reCommerce.

In 2008, was launched as an online trade-in service. This platform provided customers with instant quotes and free shipping, making it incredibly easy for individuals to sell their used electronics. From the start, gained popularity and started to transform the way people viewed their old devices.

As the years went by, Gazelle continued to expand its services. In 2014, they launched a store that sells certified pre-owned devices. This new addition provided consumers with a great alternative to buying new smart devices. Not only could people now sell their old electronics, but they could also purchase high-quality used devices at a fraction of the original price.

Today, Gazelle has become a flourishing e-commerce business and is known as the nation's leading consumer electronics trade-in site. They have successfully established themselves as a trusted platform where consumers can buy and sell certified preowned devices. Gazelle works hand-in-hand with its customers to ensure positive outcomes at every stage of the consumer electronics lifecycle.

One of the key factors that sets Gazelle apart from its competitors is its commitment to simplicity. Selling or buying a pre-owned device through is extremely easy and convenient. With just a few clicks, customers can receive an instant quote for their device and have it shipped for free. This streamlined process eliminates the hassle and time-consuming negotiations often associated with selling used electronics.

Another aspect that adds to Gazelle's appeal is their thorough inspection and certification process. Gazelle ensures that every device they sell goes through a rigorous evaluation to guarantee its quality. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing a reliable device that has been thoroughly tested.

Furthermore, Gazelle offers a cost-effective solution for consumers who want to stay connected with the latest technology without breaking the bank. By opting for a certified pre-owned device from Gazelle, customers can save money while still enjoying the benefits of a high-quality product. This affordability factor is particularly attractive for those who may not have the means or desire to purchase brand new devices.

Gazelle's success can also be attributed to its commitment to sustainability. By encouraging the reuse of consumer electronics, Gazelle contributes to reducing electronic waste and its harmful impact on the environment. Instead of letting old devices end up in landfills, Gazelle gives them a new lease on life by offering them to interested buyers.

In conclusion, is a leading reCommerce company that has revolutionized the buying and selling of pre-owned consumer electronics. With their simple and convenient platform, Gazelle makes it easy for individuals to trade in their used smartphones, tablets, and more. Their thorough inspection and certification process ensure that customers receive high-quality devices, while their commitment to sustainability contributes to reducing electronic waste. Gazelle is an innovative solution for anyone looking to buy or sell pre-owned consumer electronics, offering a cost-effective way to stay connected.

Date posted: Sep 5th, 2023

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