Uncover your ancestry and connect with relatives with MyHeritage

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MyHeritage is a top genealogy platform with a DNA testing kit to uncover your ancestry and connect with relatives. Try the DNA kit and explore billions of historical records with their 14-day free trial of the genealogy plan. Over the past 20 years, MyHeritage has helped millions of people find new family members and discover their ethnic origins.

Your DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from. MyHeritage DNA is proud to be enhancing the lives of users all around the world. Your origins are encoded in your DNA, and enable them to pinpoint where in the world your ancestors came from. Your DNA results will include an ethnicity breakdown and identify the specific groups you descend from among 2,114 geographic regions.

Testing additional family members is recommended. Each of your family members carries unique pieces of DNA that together can unlock your family’s story. Testing one or both of your parents allows you to obtain additional information about your own DNA Matches. For example, you’ll be able to find whether each match is paternal or maternal. Testing parents, siblings, cousins and other relatives is also very useful for discovering more relatives and for learning more about your own matches. Because of the nature of genetic inheritance, your siblings may get different ethnicity results than you. Comparing your results can help you learn even more about your ancestry.

Date posted: Sep 11th, 2023

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