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Aivituvin, an online business with the mission of providing high-quality pet homes, has become a leading brand in the wooden pet houses industry. With over 20 years of experience in designing, creating, and producing pet homes, Aivituvin offers a wide range of products including chicken coops, rabbit hutches, cat houses, small animal houses, and garden furniture.

The journey of Aivituvin began in January 2000 when the owner and founder, an expert joiner with over 21 years of experience in woodwork, designed and produced their first chicken coop. This was met with great success and served as a revolutionary step for the company. Inspired by the positive impact of this first creation on their pet's well-being, they realized the need for high-quality and comfortable homes for other cherished pets.

The core value of Aivituvin lies in their belief that pets are family members, regardless of their size or shape. They understand the importance of providing safe, warm, and comfortable homes for pets, just like their own. The idea originated from Vida, the daughter of the owner, who wished to create a cozy and secure house for her beloved bunny named Pearl. With the owner's expertise in woodwork, he created a small oasis for Pearl that not only met Vida's expectations but also allowed Pearl to thrive in her new environment.

With Pearl's newfound happiness in her beautifully designed house, the owners of Aivituvin were inspired to extend their passion for pet homes to other pet owners. They wanted to create a range of high-quality and durable homes that would not only provide comfort but also enhance the well-being of pets. Thus, Aivituvin was born, and they committed themselves to design and produce pet homes that meet the highest standards.

Aivituvin specializes in wooden pet houses, ensuring a natural and environmentally friendly choice for pet owners. Their product range includes rabbit hutches, chicken coops, cat houses, and small animal houses. Each product is carefully crafted with attention to detail to provide a secure and comfortable living space for the pets.

When it comes to rabbit hutches, Aivituvin offers a variety of options to suit different needs. Whether you have a single rabbit or multiple rabbits, their hutches are designed to provide ample living space, protection from the elements, and areas for exercise. The hutches are made of sturdy and durable wood that can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of the home.

As for chicken coops, Aivituvin understands the importance of providing a safe and spacious environment for chickens. Their coops are designed with features such as nesting boxes, roosting poles, and easy access doors for cleaning. The coops are specifically designed to promote natural behaviors and ensure the well-being of the chickens.

Cat houses offered by Aivituvin are designed to satisfy the natural instincts of cats while providing a cozy and secure space. They come with multiple levels, scratching posts, and hiding spots, allowing cats to exercise, play, and relax. The cat houses are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Small animal houses by Aivituvin are designed with the needs of various small pets in mind. Whether you have guinea pigs, ferrets, or hamsters, their houses offer a safe and comfortable living space. The houses provide ample room for movement and exploration, along with areas for bedding and feeding.

In addition to pet homes, Aivituvin also offers a range of garden furniture. Made from the same high-quality wood as their pet houses, the furniture adds a touch of elegance to any garden or outdoor space. From benches to tables, their garden furniture is designed to withstand outdoor elements and provide a comfortable seating option for pet owners.

Aivituvin takes pride in their commitment to ensuring the happiness and well-being of pets. With their years of experience and expertise in woodwork, they have established themselves as a reliable and trusted brand in the pet industry. Whether you are looking for a chicken coop, rabbit hutch, cat house, small animal house, or garden furniture, Aivituvin offers a wide range of high-quality products that will meet the needs of both you and your beloved pets.

Date posted: Sep 15th, 2023

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