Hire Compliantly in Under 5 Minutes with Deel

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Hire Compliantly in Under 5 Minutes. Leave staying on top of local laws and compliance to Deel:

* Go from offer letter to onboarded in minutes
* Streamline your entire payment process with a click
* Give your team total flexibility to work anywhere, compliantly
* Provide inclusive benefits for everyone

Deel is used by teams large and small with 20,000+ businesses across the globe (and counting). Whether you have a domestic team or a growing worldwide workforce, Deel's custom-built for every worker, in any country, so you can compliantly manage everyone in one place. Build confidence in your compliance with the #1 Global HR platform. Deel equips teams with the tools, features, and guidance they need in a single platform to eliminate hiring and management borders. Businesses and teams can work together easier than ever and gain access to new opportunities.

How Deel came about:

After graduating from MIT in 2014, Co-Founders Alex Bouaziz and Shuo Wang noticed a trend among their friends: they couldn’t get high-paying jobs they were highly qualified for due to visa issues and local labor laws in other countries. It was an apparent problem.

The duo started Deel to make a change for people everywhere by empowering companies to eliminate hiring borders—so anyone, anywhere in the world, could access new opportunities.

At Deel, they’ve always been their own first customer, which helps keep them poised to break new ground for their customers. As the company and team grew, they tackled more problems they faced, from onboarding employees to automating tedious processes. Now, Deel's evolved beyond just hiring to simplify every aspect of building a global team.

Date posted: Dec 15th, 2023

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