DedCool: Genderless Fragrances for a Personalized Scent Experience

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DedCool offers a unique approach to fragrance, empowering individuals to craft a scent wardrobe that reflects their individuality. Their collection is designed to be genderless, vegan, nontoxic, waterless, and biodegradable, prioritizing both sustainability and inclusivity. Each fragrance is formulated with 21 mood-boosting organic extracts, aiming to provide not just an enjoyable scent but also a positive emotional impact. Experimentation is encouraged, with DedCool welcoming customers to mix and match fragrances to create their perfect signature combination.

Breaking Fragrance Norms:

DedCool seeks to disrupt the traditional fragrance industry by challenging its rigid gender roles and limitations. They believe that everyone deserves a signature scent that goes beyond a simple bottle. Instead of confining fragrances to specific categories, DedCool integrates them into various everyday products, such as laundry detergent and car fresheners, allowing individuals to surround themselves with their chosen scents throughout their daily lives.

Customization and Individuality:

Founded by Carina, who drew inspiration from her family's background in beauty formulation, DedCool prioritizes individual expression. Their collection emphasizes layering and customization, enabling individuals to build their own unique scent wardrobe. This personalized approach stands in contrast to the traditional fragrance industry, which often offers predetermined scents aimed at specific demographics.

From Humble Beginnings to Growth:

DedCool's journey began on Instagram, where Carina shared her passion for fragrance and vision for a more inclusive and sustainable approach. From there, she expanded her reach by approaching local retail shops, eventually cultivating her own online presence through Today, DedCool continues to empower individuals to express themselves through scent, offering a unique and evolving fragrance experience.

Date posted: Feb 8th, 2024

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