Handmade Mayan Hammock Chair

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The ultimate seat for all ages, shapes, and sizes. This comfy hammock chair hangs from a 40-inch sturdy wood bar, and features easy single-point attachment. It has a metal-reinforced loop end for extra strength and durability. Each one is handmade from large quantities of soft cotton or nylon cord. The secret to superior comfort and strength lies in the diamond-like design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans. Swings from any roof beam or stud using the hanging hardware. The hammock chair is great for apartments, balconies, decks, and trees. The item above is shown in Aruba Stripe. How to compare one Mayan Hammock to Another We have found many competitors selling low-quality Mayan and Taino hammocks. These sellers do not realize that quality comes from the artisan who makes the hammocks. We have found a select few Yucatan artisans who make Mayan Hammocks to our standards. The quality difference means your Mayan hammock from Hammocks.com will last 10 to 12 times longer. So instead of lasting 1 to 2 months, your hammock will last 1 to 2 years! Get your money's worth and buy this Mayan hammock chair today. Handmade from durable 100% Cotton or Nylon Authentic expert workmanship Metal-reinforced loop end for extra strength 1-person; 250-lb. weight capacity Choose from several stunning colors Spreader bar width: 40 inches Hanging hardware not included

Date posted: Mar 15th, 2013

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