Spiketus Rex backpack

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It's getting to the point where my children's tastes and mine are seriously diverging. No matter how much I try to explain the sophisticated merits of gray, my pink-loving daughter is not having it. And my son? Why settle for Chuck Tailors when you can have neon green flashy alien sneaks!

But one thing I think we might agree on is the Spiketus Rex backpack. The kids would obviously love the dramatic spines. While Mom likes the bold colors and funky design, AND the fact that they encourage a little use of the imagination. Not so literal in their design, they could be anything: an ankylosaurus, hedgehog, durian fruit...

Available in full or half sizes in pink, aqua, orange, lime, purple, or black as well as white, green or blue gator and snake brown.

Date posted: Oct 31st, 2011

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