Dear Kids of Italy

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So yeah, in my hunt for a bed for Tabitha (solved in the end by some diligent eBay sniping, yay), I indulged myself a little and took a peek at some of the high-end stuff. The stuff we could never afford.

What do you think of this little set-up? It's from an Italian place known as Dear Kids. They do the most desirable, solid furniture in the sorts of colours that only the Europeans ever seem to produce with any consistency, and they also sell what they call 'settings', ie an interior for an entire room.

I'm not sure how safe that rail would be for a young child, but for the older kid it's great touch: it can, of course be customised to the name of choice. I'm really liking the wheels on the bed, and the storage within the steps.

Talking of storage, who wouldn't die for a chest like this? I don't even have to look at the price though: we can't afford the space, never mind the Euros. There's lots more on the website, if you fancy a bit more fantasising.

Date posted: Oct 10th, 2011

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