Nina's house

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I've been searching for a bed for my 6 year-old daughter recently; my failed Google searches are all to your benefit. Seems there are some beeyootiful cribs and cots out there these days; beds, not so much. Not within our price band, anyway.

This whimsical piece is Nina's House by Dave Keune, apparently created out of the need for a separate space for a newborn, without having to renovate or move the house entirely.

So it was designed for those with limited space - as well as the cot, the unit contains a changing station and drawers which, niftily, you can open with the nudge of a knee.

It's gorgeous, and after babyhood I am sure would be pretty easy to change into a playhouse - but it isn't cheap. Which makes me wonder - how many people can afford a cool ?1,500 (reduced to ?1,250 at the time of writing), but still have a house with limited space...? Oh well, I suppose we can always do with more space, no matter how much we have.

Date posted: Oct 3rd, 2011

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