Star Trek Retro Propaganda Poster Set

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Twenty years ago, the USS Kelvin encountered an unexplained lightning storm in space. Upon investigating the phenomenon, they were attacked by an enormous starship of Romulan design. Hopelessly outclassed by the massive craft, the Kelvin was lost. However, due to the heroic efforts of a young and energetic Captain, over eight-hundred lives were saved. To counter this new unexpected threat, Starfleet's shipbuilders went into overdrive, building more and larger starships than before. The only thing missing is you! Starfleet needs able bodied young men, women and other transgendered beings to be on the front lines - to extend the Federation's reach from the Antares Maelstrom to Perdition's flames. Starfleet's armada spreads the Federation's message of cooperation and peace. But, without you, we're just starships. Every man counts. Join Starfleet today, and make a difference.

Date posted: Apr 5th, 2014

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