Shark Steam Mop, Ready To Use in 30 Seconds

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The Shark Steam Mop obliterates tough grime on tile floors, it eradicates stubborn dirt on linoleum and vinyl floors, it melts away sticky, dried up soda, and much more. Safe on all hard surfaces - eliminates rinsing, wringing, the redistribution of dirton floors and carrying buckets of water 2 Weighs only 3 lbs 3 Steam is ready in just 30 seconds 4 Steam is released by the push forward motion of mopping and powerful steam leaves floors virtually dry 5 1 absorbent triple action all purpose micro-fiber pads included: loosens, lifts and absorbs dirt 6 Uses a filling flask for ease of filling. Please Note: This item has been built to U.S. electronics specifications and may need additional modifications or converters to be used in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.

Date posted: Aug 6th, 2014

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