New Chapter Holy Basil Force, Softgel Capsules, 60 ea

Dietary Supplement Natural Stress Relief Supercritical Holy Basil 2 Promotes Calm Balance* 3 Naturally Gluten Free The Tradition of Holy Basil br Holy Basil, know as Ocimum sanctum in Latin, has for thousands of years been revered as Tulsi in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi means The Incomparable One, which is the reality of this majestic herb. When in New Delhi, we visited with the leader of India s Ayurvedic Medical Association. We asked that vaidya, or Ayurvedic master, why Holy Basil is considered the Mother Medicine of Nature in his tradition. He replied that Holy Basil is antimutagenic anti-inflammatory. It is, he said, a rasayana, or an herb that on its own nourishes a person s growth to perfect health enlightenment. We asked why people in the West find that Holy Basil promotes a positive stress response elevates their spirit, he replied that Holy Basil delivers nutri

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Date posted: Aug 18th, 2014

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