tera's whey Organic Whey Protein, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

FairTradeMade With Organic Whey Protein 20 grams organic whey protein. Organic Cocoa. Stevia. Change our life: Change the world. Dark Chocolate. Chocolate, celebrated centuries ago as a health enhancing food of the gods. better known today as a sinfully sweet temptation. We return to it s roots. Fair trade organic cacao beans from Brazil. Rich, real, dark chocolate flavor. Beneficial antioxidants, disguised as dessert. Naturally Healthy Protein. 20g of naturally complete protein and naturally low carbohydrates. A great tasting recipe for a healthy diet. Gluten Free. Natural Ingredients. Nutritional Ingredients. Nutritious Choices. I created teraswhey to cause extraordinary change. The most natural ingredients like organic, hormone free, cow, goat, sheep whey proteins. All natural flavors. High antioxidant superfruits. Low glycemic stevia. Gluten free. The best tasti

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Date posted: Oct 19th, 2014

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