Fairy Tales Sleep-Tite Bed Bug Eliminator, 32 fl oz

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Safe around children and pets. Bed bugs are back - just ask Congress?they are proposing a new Bill called, Don?t Let the Bed Bugs Bite and Fairy Tales is there to help! Just released Sleep-Tite is a minimal risk pesticide that kills bed bugs and destroys their eggs. Safe and effective to help keep your home, hotel room, apartment, college dorm and camp bunk bed bug free! What are bed bugs? Where do I find them? And how do I get rid of them? Bed Bugs are small flat insects that feed on animals and human blood. They have been around for centuries but are making a comeback due to the fact that many strong pesticides have been banned for use. Bed bugs like the dark, they feed at night, they crawl, not fly. And, they don t just like beds; they will live in any dark area that is near their food source. That includes furniture, tears in wallpaper, closets, baseboards, tufts and seams of m

Date posted: Nov 16th, 2014

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